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READY Superslab QPOD

Made from recycled material, READY Super Slab QPOD now offers homeowners, specifiers and installers a more sustainable and eco-friendly foundation solution.

READY Super Slab QPOD is the latest solution in Allied Concrete's READY Solutions range and is a system designed to be easy to install and 100% recyclable.

For more information, visit our READY Superslab product page. 


There are many benefits of READY Floor, including the use of recycled steel fibres, allowing a reduction of CO² emissions and energy consumption of up to 12% when compared to standard mesh solutions.

READY Floor is easy to place, faster to build, and proven to work. Applications include any lightly loaded groud slab built on 'good ground'.

READY Floor concrete arrives on site pre-reinforced with no additional mesh required as fibres are added to the mix during batching at the plant. This saves significant time and disruption on site for contractors, and by eliminating traditional steel mesh reinforcing, READY Floor can provide a 20% efficiency in build costs.

For more information, visit our READY Floor product page.

READY Eco-Glass

READY Eco-Glass is part of Allied Concrete's ongoing commitment to providing sustainable solutions. READY Eco Glass incorporates recycled glass in the concrete; the glass replaces some of the sand in the mix without compromising quality, consistency or the environment.

For more information, visit our READY Eco-Glass product page.