At Allied Concrete it is our people that make the difference. 

Allied Concrete believes that good health and safety performance equates to good business performance. We have a strong focus on providing a safe workplace for employees and anyone else who may be working on, or visiting sites. Allied Concrete is dedicated to making sure everyone goes home safe each night.

Staff profiles:

Andy Parker | Nelson/Marlborough Area Manager

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Born and raised on a farm in the Awatere Valley, Blenheim, I attended Seddon School. At the age of 13 I then attended Nelson College Boarding School and upon completion I began a mechanical course at the Nelson Polytechnic for a year. Following on from the course I then started an apprenticeship with Honda back in Blenheim where I worked for 4 years, during which I sat my trade certificate and become a qualified mechanic.

Wanting to return to the Nelson region, I applied for a job in a country garage in Motueka where we worked on anything and everything. This is where I meet my partner Vanessa, and now mother of our two beautiful daughters Olivia and Kiela

In 1998 Vanessa and I decided to go on our big OE, where I worked on a farm and Vanessa worked in the local pub. I also worked for Alfa Romeo during our time overseas. Returning back to NZ in 2000, I started working at Rick Armstrong motors in Nelson.

I saw an advert in the paper one evening for a truck driver at Allied Concrete and said to my wife that I wanted to give it a crack as I needed a change from being a mechanic since I had been doing it for so long.

In August 2004 I began as a truck driver for Transit Mix Concrete. My immediate responsibility was delivering concrete while also maintaining the appearance of my truck. Within eight months I was competent at both batching/dispatching and testing. Not long after I was promoted to Manager of Transit Mix Concrete and during my time with the company there were many changes, to many to mention, however all positive and now I am the Area Manager for Nelson/Marlborough.

Working for Allied Concrete and being a part of H.W. Richardson Group’s great culture is both challenging and rewarding. I enjoy the job and the challenges it brings. I have had great support and training from a lot of people throughout the Group, and have made many friends. I have enjoyed receiving many awards however my proudest achievement to date was to be awarded the 2013 Best Overall Plant Award.

13 years now with Allied Concrete and I’m very proud to be involved in such a professional and supportive group. I look forward to the opportunities that lay ahead.

Jemal Dixon - Wellington Branch Manager

Jemal DixonBorn and raised in Hawkes Bay, I began working in the roading industry at the age of 12. Starting off as a labourer and traffic controller, I was introduced to all types of Heavy Machinery and taught the “old way”, correct operation and maintenance of all the machinery involved.

By the time I finished high school in 1996 I knew my career would start in contracting and go from there.

My first year out of school I worked full time between a roading crew, and the kerb and channel team for Truck Contractors. The following year I attended E.I.T in Napier where I studied the first year of what was then known as N.Z.C.E.

In 1999 I took a year off study and again worked full time for Hawkes Bay Drainage and Contracting where I learnt another whole skill set involved in contracting, and worked on some of the biggest drainage jobs in Hawkes Bay.

In 2000, with some money saved to finish NZCE, I moved to Wellington to study at Massey University. Half way through the year I decided that full time study was too hard financially and began looking for a cadetship with the hope of continuing my studies whilst earning at least a little money.

In August 2000 I began as a Management Cadet with Allied Concrete in Wellington. My immediate responsibility was concrete and aggregate testing for both the Wellington and Lower Hutt plants. Within six months I was competent at both batching and dispatching and was soon after promoted to full time batcher.

One of my greatest tests came in 2001 when I turned up to work at 6 am to find no one else in the office. Both dispatchers and the manager had called in sick I was there on my own wondering whether I should just leave as well. However, as all the drivers were there, I thought I might as well give it a shot. Long story short, I survived but only just. I think I learnt more about dispatching and batching on that one day alone with the main point being; most customers will be flexible and helpful if you manage their expectations by communicating time frames for delivery before their concrete is due.

I was promoted to Manager in 2004 and have enjoyed the job and the challenges it involves. I have had great support and training from a lot of people throughout the Group, and have enjoyed running my own division. My proudest achievement to date was to be awarded the 2008 Best Overall Plant Award by the General Manager, the diamond amongst other awards we collected that year.

I am closing in on 10 years of service with Allied Concrete and am very proud to be involved in such a professional and supportive group. I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

Alan Clark | Auckland Branch Manager

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Starting out in concrete in October 1979 as a Truck Driver for King Concrete and then as a Batcher/Dispatcher in the former Wiri plant in Manukau City, I have over 38 years experience in the New Zealand concrete industry. Following on from my role as Batcher/Dispatcher I then took on the position as Dispatch Manager after Allied Concrete purchased King Concrete in 1996.

I spent the next few years running Dispatch until Allied Concrete established a new plant in Penrose, Auckland, in 2005 which led to the closure of the Wiri plant and all operations shifted to Penrose.

After a couple of years the opportunity opened up to become Branch Manager of the Penrose Plant, which at the time was the biggest plant the group owned in New Zealand. I enjoyed the Central Dispatch role with a great team of people beside me, but this was a bigger challenge again and after a few doubts the Leadership team in Auckland encouraged me to accept the role and would give guidance and support where needed.

The transition to Branch Manager was very challenging but with the tremendous support from the great team in Auckland and the H.W. Richardson Group’s emphasis on training and encouragement to attend Leadership and Management courses. I am still learning today and have enjoyed and still enjoy the daily challenges that come with this position.

Family life consists of my wife Robyn, 4 wonderful children and 8 Grandchildren which keeps us pretty busy and when time allows I get a game of golf in which is a great stress reliever and a chance to catch up with mates.