• READY Floor

Easy to place, faster to build, and proven to work!

All this adds up to significant savings over traditional flooring systems or complicated designs. READY Floor arrives on site pre-reinforced, no need for usual mesh before pouring – it’s in the mix!

Where to use it:

READY Floor can be used on any lightly loaded ground slabs when building on ‘good ground’, including:

  • House slabs
  • Shed floors
  • Small commercial buildings
  • Car parks
  • Warehouses

READY Floor has many benefits which all contribute to considerable savings, including:

  • Faster build time
  • Fewer bookings - fewer interruptions
  • BRANZ appraised and codemarked - no consent hold up
  • No need for traditional mesh
  • Green product - recycled product, reduced carbon footprint

Easily save 20% or more when compared to traditional 3604 floor and foundation - that’s thousdands!! Savings include:

  • Less time spent on ordering, uploading, cutting, tying steel, mesh and chairs.
  • One pour - no separate foundation and floor bookings
  • Can be poured straight from the chute if access permits
  • No internal boxing and pegs if foundation is READY Floor
  • Faster - improve productivity from existing resources.
A Green Product

READY Floor uses steel fibres that consist of approximately 80% recycled material. Compared to standard mesh solutions, READY Floor allows you to reduce your Co2 emission and energy consumption by up to 12%.

BRANZ and CodeMark

READY Floor has a BRANZ apprasial and is CodeMark-certified. Having a CodeMark means building consent authorities will accept READY Floor as complying with the New Zealand Building Code (when used as specified in the CodeMark certificate). You will still need to apply for building consent, however the codemark means no delays at council.

Click here to view CodeMark certificate of conformity

Documents required as per CodeMark specification are:


pdfBRANZ_Appraisal 810 (2012)


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Use our READY Floor Calculator below to see how much money you can save.

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